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Your money will go directly to providing at least 26 meals per month to your child. You will receive a letter from your child and a progress update annually.

£25 Per Month

Your money will go directly to providing at least 26 meals per month to your child, hygiene items to help your child and contribute to any healthcare needs of your child and your money will provide daily activities for your child. You will receive a letter from your child and a progress update annually.

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We are a small charity, looking for help!

We require volunteers to help with aid, we require fundraisers to help support our work, we need ambassadors to share our great work, we need trustees to help with governance and we also have many opportunities to help.

Donate money to help towards items at the school

Great Minds Bright Futures replaced Chunzu Primary School where 1,600 children attend daily.  In March 2023, I met with the teachers of Chunzu Primary School to discuss ongoing projects and requirements that they had.  They actually wrote the following list to me.  If you would like to help provide any of the items on the list, please donate and I will make sure they are purchased and supplied to Chunzu Primary School – thank-you

Dave Armstrong

School Requirements

  • Teachers Houses – In Malawi teachers are not well paid. Some receive as low as £250 per year.  Because of the very low salary, some teachers are provided with small homes to help with the cost of living.  I would like to provide ten teachers houses costing £2,500 each.  If you would like to donate to provide a home for a teacher, please donate here”
  • Printer and Photocopier Machine – Our teachers have no computer equipment currently. If you would like to donate some equipment please fill out our contact us section below – we are looking to ship a full container of aid in 2024.  If you would like to buy a printer and photocopier, please donate £150”
  • Ground – This is quite a big ask from the teachers. Currently there are no sports facilities for the school children at Chunzu Primary School.  If you are able to help in any way please fill out the contact details below.  If you would like to donate to build a new sports ground for the school, current estimation is £6,000
  • Computers – We can get hundreds and hundreds of computers in the UK, we just lack shipping costs for our computers. If you would like to support a full container of aid, we need £10,000, but feel free to contribute any amount towards our next shipping container
  • Electricity – In Malawi, electricity is a problem. Dowa region does not have electricity where there are red earth roads, it is restricted to major tarmac roads at least 4 km away from Chunzu Primary School.  Malawi does have sunshine, so solar photovoltaic panels are an option.  To provide solar pv and battery storage for one of our school blocks is £3,000.  If you would like to contribute towards electricity at our school please donate now
  • Balls – We are always lacking sports equipment at our school. When the current football pitch is a stoney, hard surface, footballs don’t last very long. To buy one good quality football in Malawi is £25.
  • Additional toilets – We have provided toilets for the children of Chunzu Primary School, but with now over 1,600 children attending, we need to do more. To help provide one more toilet block for the children is £3,000.  To provide for boys and girls is £6,000.  If you want to help, please donate now
  • Piped water – As part of our development at Chunzu Primary School we build a bore hole. Our construction works use it, our school children use it and many local villages use it.  Its essential to providing water for everyone around.  School children currently have to pump water at the well and carry it on their heads to the school buildings to wash hands and clean the classrooms.  It is a dream to have piped water.  With your help we can provide it to the school, please donate £3,000 which includes a pump and pipework to provide a tap at the school.
  • Sports uniforms – We can access kit in the UK, its down to those shipping costs again. If you would like to contribute to the shipping container in 2024, please do.  £10,000 is the current fee for a forty foot container delivered to the door of the school in Malawi.

Text books – Here there are two options.  We want good quality text books that we can ship to Malawi from the UK.  Please let us know if you have access to books.  Alternatively, we can buy text books in Malawi.  To provide the books required at Chunzu Primary School we need £13,000.  Please donate if you can.

A requirements list sent by Chunzu Primary School

A requirements list send by Chunzu Primary School

No one has ever become poor from giving.

Anne Frank

Help a young adult start their own business

Young orphans grow up.  They need opportunities into work to become self-sufficient.  We would like to provide business accommodation, start-up grants and mentoring support for young orphaned adults in the hope that they can start their own business and employ others.  Our fully costed model builds a small business unit and provides a small start up grant of £1,500, plus one years mentoring support from the Malawi business community.  If you are interested in helping a young orphan into owning and running their own business then donate now.  This programme can be achieved for £6,000.

It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.

Kahlil Gibran

Mission Malawi

Do you want to provide practical help to orphans in Malawi with like-minded people?

Do you want to take part in a charity challenge and see for yourself where your fundraising is actually going?

Do you want to have one of the best experiences of your lives and make history?

If your answer is “yes” to any of the above, you need to join Mission Malawi 2025

2025 marks the 21st Anniversary of the first Mission Malawi, which was the brainchild of BBC Radio 3 Producer Les Pratt.  Les and friends set off on a journey of fundraising and adventure, visiting Malawi in 2004 and raising money for the people of Malawi suffering from HIV/AIDS.

Mission Malawi events ran for ten years, raising awareness of the HIV/AIDS pandemic and helping tens of thousands of people across Malawi as a staggering amount of money was raised.  Over 100 fabulous people took part in various challenges of cycling, hiking and kayaking across Malawi.

Mission Malawi has inspired many others, including the charity Great Minds Bright Futures as I was introduced to Malawi by Les and I took part in Mission Malawi 2 back in 2006.  So along with Les Pratt, we are bringing Mission Malawi back for others to experience the “warm heart of Africa”.  We hope our team will also contain some of those fabulous people taking part any of the Mission Malawi challenges over the years!

Are you interested in joining our team?

Please fill out the contact us section below and we will be in touch.

Mission Malawi 2025 will take part in 2025, but the fundraising and fun starts now.

Each participant will pledge to raise money for Mission Malawi 2025 – suggested £6,000 – don’t worry if you have never done anything like this before, we will help you.

Each participant will need to get fit for the challenge – don’t worry if your level of fitness is not there yet, we will support one another with some group events before we leave for Malawi.

Each participant will need to bring with them their smiles and skills as it is hoped our team will leave a lasting impression on the children Great Minds Bright Futures are supporting – don’t worry if you don’t feel you have a skill, we are very sure you will have something to leave behind with the children of Malawi.

We look forward to speaking to you and meeting you soon.

Les and Dave


No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.

Charles Dickens

Aimers Kids Foundation

It is the intention of Great Minds Bright Futures to support orphans in other parts of Africa if the organisation shares the same vision and values as Great Minds Bright Futures. Not only is there need in other parts of Africa, but there are ways for us all to learn and grow by partnering with other organisations. Once such organisation is Aimers Kids Foundation founded by Dan Ngabo in 2020.

Driven by a passion to give back to the World, because of help that he received from others as a child, with the support of Great Minds Bright Futures, Dan supports orphaned children in Kampala, Uganda and inspires them through dance.

Daily the children are supported with a home, food, clothes, healthcare, education and activities.

Aimers Kids Foundation began when Dan saw children from dysfunctional homes and he stepped in to help. Dan has helped the children to use dance to share love and kindness to the World.

Dave has been supporting projects in Uganda since 2007, including Watoto. More recently, he has had regular video calls to the Aimers Kids Foundation and his friends in Uganda have visited the children to show love. One such visitor is Tom Twongyeirwe who is on The Obama Foundation African Leaders Programme 2023. Tom will continue to visit Aimers Kids Foundation until Dave is able to visit for himself.

Please consider donating to support these orphaned children of Uganda.

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