Education Minister commends Great Minds Bright Futures for Partnering Government

Great Minds Bright Futures are exceptionally pleased to announce that we are supporting the Aimers Kids Foundation in Uganda.

Dave Armstrong become friends with Dan Ngabo in 2023.  Dan explained to Dave about the children that he was supporting single handedly in the capital city of Uganda, Kampala.  He explained the backgrounds and the problems these children faced.  Dave decided to step in to help for many reasons.

Firstly, Dan is an exceptional individual who has faced adversity as a child and has used that adversity to positively impact the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children.

Not only does Dan want to feed, clothe, school and take care of the healthcare needs of the children, he wants to inspire them to dream big and achieve in their lives and he has dedicated his life to that aim.  He uses dance to inspire the children at Aimers Kids Foundation.  Some of their incredible performances can been seen on the Aimers Kids Foundation TikTok account.  Please go check them out.  They have over 1,000,000 followers!!

Not only are the hopes and aims of Aimers Kids Foundation aligned with Great Minds Bright Futures, but Dave also believes that children should learn and inspire one another.  Malawi orphans and Ugandan orphans can share their stories, share their dreams and learn from one another to escape poverty and have a good life.

Just in the ways Dave set up a programme of learning with Great Minds Bright Futures children in Malawi and children from the school where his own children attended in Manchester, he intends to link Malawian and Ugandan children, where they can help one another.

Dave sees the strength in these partnerships that will benefit the children on many levels.

Dave commented “Aimers Kids Foundation is exceptionally well run by Dan.  His passion and dedication is amazing.  The children are thriving and are happy.  We will continue to support Dan and the 25 children he feeds so that their lives are improved and enriched”.

Dan also provides a home for 12 of the 25 children and with our partnership, Dave and Dan hope to care for many more orphaned and vulnerable children.

If you would like to support the Aimers Kids Foundation, please go to DONATE on our website and choose Aimers Kids Foundation on the drop down to ensure your donation goes directly to them.


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